ImageJames Delleck

An artist with the help of certain digital tools.


There are mainly two styles of digital illustrations such as conceptual illustrations and literal illustrations. In a conceptual illustration, it can be depicting ideas visually which may have a touch of reality. But mostly it uses fiction for illustrating its ideas. This includes sequential imagery, technical diagrams and abstraction. Sequential imagery illustrates in the form of storyboard such as cartoons. Technical diagrams are used for better understanding of the audience by providing extra information through its diagrams. Lastly, abstraction has nothing to do with reality. It is used absolutely to depict an illustrator’s imagination.

Literal illustrations are usually based on pictorial facts. This includes photorealism, historical or cultural, hyperrealism. In a photorealism, an illustrator tries to recreate an image looking at a photo so that it matches to the photo as closely as possible. This can be done with the help of digital painting. Historical or cultural image includes portraits and landscapes. Although some of its pictures can be very flattering and exaggerated but still very realistic and thus it falls under the literal illustration category. In a hyperrealism, an illustrator puts effort to make an image look like a photograph.