ImageJames Delleck

An artist with the help of certain digital tools.

Graphic Tablet

Using a mouse will not be of much help for drawing in a more natural way. For such purpose, the best tool is a graphic tablet. The graphic tablet comprises of only two parts – a pen to draw and a drawing surface on which you can draw. The function of a pen is exactly similar to a mouse but it has an advantage that you will be able to use it like a real pen for drawing which makes it more convenient for an illustrator to create a figure accurately.

You can choose tablet of any size. The only difference is that in a tablet with larger surface, you get more space for drawing purpose. The most important factor to be checked is how well it can register the pressure created by the pen on it. Also, you need to check the accuracy of the tablet. This tablet is sensitive enough to register the pressure that you create on the surface while drawing. Since the pen works like a mouse, you will be able to see the cursor moving on your screen with the movement of the pen. So, basically the drawing surface is like a screen in which you can move the cursor using the pen.